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Imagine a whining kid, a screaming crying kid, and a mother trying not to scream and failing miserably.

All over what you ask?  Global warming? World Hunger? The economy? Heath care? No?

While trying to leave the house today I set the lunch box I carry the kids lunch in at the top of the stairs that lead to the front door.  That was my first mistake.  Usually I ask one of the kids to carry it for me.  Today I did not specify which kid should carry the lunch box and they both went for it and that’s when the fun started.

A lunch box.  Not even a fancy metal lunch box with spider-man or a Disney princess on it.  Just a plain black one.

I always wanted to be an artist.  I just never knew it would be life art I would be making…

Oh and who ended up carrying the plain black lunch box you ask?


The Ultimate Tantrum

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Anton did not nap today. So he comes into the kitchen about 15 minutes ago and decides he wants something to eat.  He decides on graham crackers, however I did not get them out correctly or offer them to him correctly or something because it turned into this huge tantrum. First he threw it on the floor. I went to sweep it up and he started screaming that he wanted it. He promptly threw on the floor again. So up it got swept and into the trash. He then spent the next 12 minutes screaming and trying to get the cracker pieces out of the trash can.  I had to put the trash can on the cabinet.  While I was typing this he fell asleep on the floor.  Pictures will be posted later.

Yes, he is asleep.

Yes, he is asleep.

Abby commiserating with Anton

Abby commiserating with Anton

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