Family Vacation 2009 Part 2

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So it’s been awhile since I posted the first part of this. I’ve been having some issues with my left leg that has prevented me from sitting in a chair for long periods of time. But I am back and here is the story about the rest of our vacation. Let’s see what I remember:

Day 2, we got up and ate breakfast and then donned our bathing suits for a trip to the beach. The weather was beautiful and the sky was blue.  In true nerd fashion this is the t-shirt Tony choose to wear to the beach:

I just love this picture, I can’t remember now why he looks like this but it must have been something he wasn’t getting.


There was lots of sand castle building.

And feet burying.

The cute little girl of ours…

Decided it was time to be buried.

And Daddy too…

At one point we were in the ocean with the kids and I got a little to far out while holding Anton. So I turned around to walk back out and the ocean mugged me, stole Anton’s hat and my sunglasses. And left me with this (sorry it’s blurry):

That was all the excitement I needed for the day so we went back to the hotel and got cleaned up and went to lunch. After lunch we drove around for a bit and the kids serenaded us:

Then we ended up at Rita’s…


Someone is getting sleepy…

So after a drive and a nap Daddy, Abby, and Anton took a dip in the pool.

Day 3, we checked out and drove down to Ocean City, MD to walk on the boardwalk.  There was some pretty cool sand art there.


And some pretty cute kids.

Who were tired.

So we headed home.  We stopped for lunch on the way out, Anton was over tired and nothing made him happy.  We were trying to get him to eat some of the grilled chicken and less fries, and this is what we got for our troubles.

All in all is was a good family vacation and I can not wait until next year, only with a little less mugging.


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