Photos of the week (May 31-June 6)

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Monday: Took pictures of the dead trees next to my row of town homes.  My neighbors and I need to find out who is responsible, HOA or the County.


Tuesday: The kids got pin-wheels from Nina.


Thursday: This boy could sleep anywhere.


Friday: This does not need words…


Saturday: Abby crawled up onto Daddy’s lap.  I had to put two pictures up because I want you to see that Daddy did not move his arms.  Abby got into that position all by herself.




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So for those of you who don’t know my children have the ability to fall asleep any where.  Especially if they decide not to nap when I tell them they should.  Well, Anton choose not to take a nap Monday.  After Daddy got home from work, Anton preceded to fall asleep in Daddy’s arms while ‘helping’ him play video games.  Do you see the Nintendo controller in the second one?


Later that night after the kids are in their beds sleeping (shocking I know) Tony and I decided to sit down and watch a movie.  Some time during the movie this little critter walked out from under the same sofa Anton fell asleep on.


Anyone know what kind of spider is it?  I hate spiders, they are creepy and they make my skin crawl.

Well this is what Anton looked like when he woke up the next morning: (These were taken at lunch time, sorry about the food around his mouth.)


Now I’m worried that that spider bit him.  It stayed swollen all day and didn’t go down until the next morning.


I initially chalked it up to allergies but now I don’t know.  Like this boy doesn’t have enough problems to deal with.

I love living by the woods, but I also HATE living by the woods!  I have a love/hate relationship with nature.

Quote of the day

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Abby’s is singing Yo Gabba Gabba’s Inside voice/Outside voice song.  I tried to find a video of it but can’t.  Basically in a loud voice you sing “Outside voice BIG AND LOUD!” several times then in a quiet voice you sing “Inside voice, quiiiiiet.” several times.

Tony said “It’s like an opera.  It’s an epic battle between the Outside voice and the Inside voice.”

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