Quote of the day

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While leaving the restaurant after lunch today Tony took the last mint.  Before putting it in his mouth he offered it to Abby.

Abby shook her head and said “I don’t like mints, they’re to sticky, polka-dotty and yucky.”

Photo’s of the week (June 14 – 20)

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Wow, a whole two pictures last week.  I need to do something about that…

Wednesday: My mom and I took the kids to the Zoo.  They tried to make mommy sick…


Friday: Uncle Charles’ youth group does “Whose line is it anyway?”.  I laughed just as hard as I ever did with the TV version.


Quote of the day

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Tony and I were talking about Anton’s wet pants while I was changing Anton’s diaper.  During the conversation Anton was talking about being wet too.

I then said “Maybe if you are lucky we will go to the P  O  O  L (spelled out) tomorrow.”

Anton said without missing a beat “We go to swimming pool tomorrow?”



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Imagine a whining kid, a screaming crying kid, and a mother trying not to scream and failing miserably.

All over what you ask?  Global warming? World Hunger? The economy? Heath care? No?

While trying to leave the house today I set the lunch box I carry the kids lunch in at the top of the stairs that lead to the front door.  That was my first mistake.  Usually I ask one of the kids to carry it for me.  Today I did not specify which kid should carry the lunch box and they both went for it and that’s when the fun started.

A lunch box.  Not even a fancy metal lunch box with spider-man or a Disney princess on it.  Just a plain black one.

I always wanted to be an artist.  I just never knew it would be life art I would be making…

Oh and who ended up carrying the plain black lunch box you ask?


Reader Participation

June 19, 2009 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Children, Pictures | 6 Comments

Help me describe the look on Anton’s face in this picture:


Photos of the week (June 7 – 13)

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Sunday:  Tony found this critter outside… that’s about all I have to say about it.


Monday: The fun that is our basement.  That brick is wet all the time…


Tuesday: Poppi came over to look at the mess… and ended up chilling with the kids.


Wednesday: The only pictures taken this day were of Anton’s eye.  Luckily his are pretty beautiful! If I do say so myself.


Thursday: Abby’s end of the school year party.  Abby and Miss Diana.


Friday: He’s so cool.


Saturday: One of very few pictures of me…


Where’s the bagel?

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Tony made the kids bagels, put some vegan butter on it, and cut it into 4 pieces.  They  sat down to eat it.  Tony and I are in the kitchen making breakfast and lunches for the day.  This is the conversation we hear:

Anton: Where’s my bagel? Where’s my bagel? *Meanwhile he’s looking all over the floor for his piece of bagel.*

Abby: You ate it.

Anton: No, where’s my bagel?

Abby: You ate it I saw you it’s in your belly.

*Anton lifts up his shirt and looks at his belly.*

Abby: I saw you eat it in your mouth.

Anton: Oh.

Photos of the week (May 31-June 6)

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Monday: Took pictures of the dead trees next to my row of town homes.  My neighbors and I need to find out who is responsible, HOA or the County.


Tuesday: The kids got pin-wheels from Nina.


Thursday: This boy could sleep anywhere.


Friday: This does not need words…


Saturday: Abby crawled up onto Daddy’s lap.  I had to put two pictures up because I want you to see that Daddy did not move his arms.  Abby got into that position all by herself.



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So for those of you who don’t know my children have the ability to fall asleep any where.  Especially if they decide not to nap when I tell them they should.  Well, Anton choose not to take a nap Monday.  After Daddy got home from work, Anton preceded to fall asleep in Daddy’s arms while ‘helping’ him play video games.  Do you see the Nintendo controller in the second one?


Later that night after the kids are in their beds sleeping (shocking I know) Tony and I decided to sit down and watch a movie.  Some time during the movie this little critter walked out from under the same sofa Anton fell asleep on.


Anyone know what kind of spider is it?  I hate spiders, they are creepy and they make my skin crawl.

Well this is what Anton looked like when he woke up the next morning: (These were taken at lunch time, sorry about the food around his mouth.)


Now I’m worried that that spider bit him.  It stayed swollen all day and didn’t go down until the next morning.


I initially chalked it up to allergies but now I don’t know.  Like this boy doesn’t have enough problems to deal with.

I love living by the woods, but I also HATE living by the woods!  I have a love/hate relationship with nature.

Quote of the day

June 10, 2009 at 9:56 am | Posted in Children | Comments Off on Quote of the day

Abby’s is singing Yo Gabba Gabba’s Inside voice/Outside voice song.  I tried to find a video of it but can’t.  Basically in a loud voice you sing “Outside voice BIG AND LOUD!” several times then in a quiet voice you sing “Inside voice, quiiiiiet.” several times.

Tony said “It’s like an opera.  It’s an epic battle between the Outside voice and the Inside voice.”

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