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April 29, 2009 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Children | 3 Comments

Anton took a late nap today because my gracious self took EJ to get his allergy shots for his father. (It benefitted me greatly so I was happy to do it.) So needless to say Anton woke up kind of grumpy after only about an hour worth of nap.  Well I was in the kitchen making dinner and Tony laid down in the living room.  Next thing I know it’s quiet.  Abby’s on the laptop playing games, but where’s the boy?  I walk out and he is passed out next to his father.

Meanwhile Abby finishes playing on the laptop and comes in to the kitchen and I tell her to go get her father.

So a few minutes pass and I call out that dinner is ready.

Yeah, well this is where having a picture would have been perfect.

Abby crawled in-between where Tony and Anton were sleeping and passed out.

Tony’s naps are contagious.



  1. too cute!

  2. At that point, you should have just crawled in, too and called it a night! 🙂

  3. If only I could use this power for personal gain.

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