Quote of the Day

April 22, 2009 at 11:34 pm | Posted in Children, Quotes | 1 Comment

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate several things including EJ’s awesome report card.   In the larger stall in the bathroom the baby changing table is above the toilet.  Abby’s asked what it is and I tell her that it’s for changing baby diapers.

Abby: And big girl diapers?

Mommy: No honey, big girls don’t need their diapers changed.  They go in the potty.

Abby: No I want my diaper changed.

Mommy: But you don’t wear diapers anymore.

Abby: But I wanna be a diaper.

Mommy, Um, okay dear.

Abby: Yay! I’m a (insert growly voice here) diaper monster, grrrrrr! (Insert monster claws and dancing)


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