The Cake

April 19, 2009 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Baking, Children, Pictures, Vegan baking | Comments Off on The Cake

It’s the Birthday Girls


request to have a butterfly cake with colors on it like a rainbow.  How could I deny?  But how do you make a butterfly cake?  Well first you need a round cake, I chose to use two this year.


Any type of cake will do.  I made Crazy Cake, it’s vegan.  First you set them on top of each other.


Then you cut them in half and switch the half’s.  Does it look like a butterfly?


How about now?


How about now?


Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the frosting in progress.  It is simple.  Lots of icing tubes and I use the easy flow frosting in a can with the built in decorating tips because it is dairy free unlike the tubes of frosting.  The one issue of making this cake is…


it doesn’t fit in a standard lidded cake plate.  But I think everyone enjoyed it.



Anton even gave a kiss.


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