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Anton took a late nap today because my gracious self took EJ to get his allergy shots for his father. (It benefitted me greatly so I was happy to do it.) So needless to say Anton woke up kind of grumpy after only about an hour worth of nap.  Well I was in the kitchen making dinner and Tony laid down in the living room.  Next thing I know it’s quiet.  Abby’s on the laptop playing games, but where’s the boy?  I walk out and he is passed out next to his father.

Meanwhile Abby finishes playing on the laptop and comes in to the kitchen and I tell her to go get her father.

So a few minutes pass and I call out that dinner is ready.

Yeah, well this is where having a picture would have been perfect.

Abby crawled in-between where Tony and Anton were sleeping and passed out.

Tony’s naps are contagious.


Photos of the Week

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These are way late.

Sunday: A birthday party at a pool!


Monday: Abby’s first ballet class.


Tuesday: More pretty flowers.


Friday: We have a pair of Barred Owls living in the woods behind our house.  One landed on our deck, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera.


Saturday: Camping!



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Yes I forgot about the Photos of the Week.  I will try to get them up later today.

Out of the Office

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Gone Camping.

Will be back later.

Leave a message.



Quote of the Day

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We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate several things including EJ’s awesome report card.   In the larger stall in the bathroom the baby changing table is above the toilet.  Abby’s asked what it is and I tell her that it’s for changing baby diapers.

Abby: And big girl diapers?

Mommy: No honey, big girls don’t need their diapers changed.  They go in the potty.

Abby: No I want my diaper changed.

Mommy: But you don’t wear diapers anymore.

Abby: But I wanna be a diaper.

Mommy, Um, okay dear.

Abby: Yay! I’m a (insert growly voice here) diaper monster, grrrrrr! (Insert monster claws and dancing)

Quote of the day

April 21, 2009 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Children, Quotes | 1 Comment

Abby: I want an Abby Two.

Mommy: You are Abby.

Abby: No, I want an Abby Two.

Mommy: You can be Abby too.

Abby: No, Abby Two.

Mommy: Oh, you want another Abby?

Abby: Yes!

Mommy: Ok, we’ll go to the store and get an Abby Two. *Grumble grumble grumble, I think one is enough.*

Abby: Yay! I want an Abby Two doll.

Photos of the Week

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We had a full week!

Sunday: Easter Egg hunts!


Monday: Some visiters.


Tuesday: Was a rainy day.


Wednesday: Got my engagement ring back from being re-sized.


Thursday: Happy Birthday!


Friday: Baked lots of cupcakes, these plus 12 vegan chocolate banana.


Saturday: PARTY TIME!


The Cake

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It’s the Birthday Girls


request to have a butterfly cake with colors on it like a rainbow.  How could I deny?  But how do you make a butterfly cake?  Well first you need a round cake, I chose to use two this year.


Any type of cake will do.  I made Crazy Cake, it’s vegan.  First you set them on top of each other.


Then you cut them in half and switch the half’s.  Does it look like a butterfly?


How about now?


How about now?


Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the frosting in progress.  It is simple.  Lots of icing tubes and I use the easy flow frosting in a can with the built in decorating tips because it is dairy free unlike the tubes of frosting.  The one issue of making this cake is…


it doesn’t fit in a standard lidded cake plate.  But I think everyone enjoyed it.



Anton even gave a kiss.


Baby Girl

April 16, 2009 at 12:15 am | Posted in Children, Pictures | 3 Comments

Today my baby girl is 4.  Where has the time gone?


I still remember that first week home because of the weather.


She spent that first week in sleeveless onesies because it was in the 80’s.  She was such a content baby, so easy to please.


She started sleeping though the night at 8 weeks! Which was truly nice since I went back to work at 9 weeks.





She’s always been Miss Independent.



But then again she stopped napping when I brought her younger brother home.


She is a blessing.


She loves pretty dresses, but she also loves to get dirty.


She looks at me with total trust, but also knows how to ignore me.



She is the apple of her Daddy’s eye, but can also be a thorn in his side.



She loves to sing, dance, and make music.



Last year I made her a butterfly cake; she’s been talking about it for months now.  About how for her next birthday she’s going to have a butterfly cake with colors on it just like a rainbow.




She is my beautiful butterfly.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Where are the spring days?

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