Photo’s of the Week

March 30, 2009 at 10:12 am | Posted in Children, Flowers, Pictures | 8 Comments

Let’s see what we have this week.

Ah, my two favorite things to photograph.

People and Plants.

Sunday: Out for a walk.


Monday:Look at that beautiful sky!


Tuesday: Abby in pig tails!


Friday: My blubs are blooming!




  1. We need fancier lenses and whatnot, the camera itself is fine.

    • Yeah, what he said… 🙂 I need to learn to use it.

  2. I know a couple of people you could talk to for ideas, support!

    • That’s might be cool.

  3. You are a great photographer and I think you could do it professionally.

    • Really? Because I am thinking about it. I need a fancier camera though.

      • i definately think so. maybe i should start using your picture on for advertising. charles can link it to you blog, what do you think?

        • That might be cool.

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