Photo’s of the week

February 22, 2009 at 11:31 am | Posted in Children, Pictures | Comments Off on Photo’s of the week

Not a very exciting week.  I missed a few boring days.  The one exciting thing I did this week I couldn’t take my camera to.

Sunday: Enjoying a speghetti dinner and movie at Uncle Charles’ church.

It’s Cthulhu himself.


Monday: Daddy was off of work, so we got to spend an extra day with him.


Wednesday: This is the one and only picture taken.

As most (or all) of you know my husband is a big nerd.  This is his WarMachine play table that he is currently sprucing up.


Thursday: WARNING!

Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  Dried boogers and all.


Friday: This is what I get for having kids.  Darn kids bringing their sick germs home.


Saturday: We went to a Jonathan Coulton show and had the best time; he’s a great performer.

Since photographic equipment was not allowed, here is a YouTube video of my favorite song;

because I happen to be married to a Code Monkey.


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