January 25, 2009 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Children | Comments Off on Anton

Anton will stick to a phrase that is working for him.  Currently he has two:

1. “My Seealfff” — He is very much into indepedence.  He want’s to do everything my himself.  Take his clothes off, put the tops on the sippy cups, pour his drinks, spread the jelly and sunflower seed butter on the bread, flush the toilet, you get the idea.  The problem is, half way through trying to do something he will need help and ask for it.  “Please help mommy.”  So I go to help him, and he say’s “My Seealffff”.  grrrrrrr

2. “He ate it” — If something is missing or gone Tony has said a couple of times that it was eaten.  Well now when ever Anton notices that something is gone he say’s “He ate it”.  He will change up the “he”, it could be ‘you’, or ‘Mommy’, or ‘It was ate’.  It’s really kind of cute.

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