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I tend to add pictures to a post after the fact. So please come back often and look at old posts for new pictures! ūüôā Really it’s not just a ploy to get more people to read my blog….


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Anton had a checkup with the allergist today. ¬†I think the office has a list of¬†tactics¬†about kids with animal allergies. ¬†When we first went in and it was determined that Anton was allergic to cats it was “You should really get rid of the cats.” The next time it was “It would be a good idea to get rid of the cats because he will develop asthma later in life.” ¬†This time? “His air way could be slightly closed now(due to the cat allergy) which means if he has a reaction (to food) he is that much closer to having his air way closed.” ¬†Ugh. ¬†I know we should get rid of the cats, but you know, it’s really not that easy of a thing to do. ¬†I know it should be, however I can’t just drop my cats off back at the animal shelter. ¬†They are over 6 years old. ¬†They will not be placed into another home. ¬†I just do not know what to do.

Well, Anton’s dairy and egg allergies are both borderline, so the doctor decided to do another skin test. ¬†However, nothing has changed. ¬†He got two nice little bumps and redness on his arms. ¬†So same as usual going forward. ¬†He goes back in the end of October. ¬†I have to remember to take him in to have his blood drawn prior to that appointment. ¬†Considering how his numbers are and the size of the welts on his arm today it does look like within the next year he might be able to handle dairy and/or eggs. ¬†I am trying my hardest not to get my hopes up. ¬†No fantasizing about not having to worry about dairy and eggs! ¬†Trying not to.

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